The Impact of MICE Events

The Impact of MICE Events

The business tourism industry has been making giant strides of late and has become one of the major parts of the hospitality and tourism sectors. It has become so popular that many destinations are setting up individual panels to promote their own country or city as a favorable destination for Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition events or MICE events. It is a testament to the fact that a huge number of successful companies are using MICE as a tool to keep their loyal employees happy. It has been proven a successful method as many reports suggest that businesses who have recently introduced MICE activities have benefited in the future. Some of the ways in which MICE can directly affect your company are discussed as under.


For any business which is worth its salt, its image is of utmost importance. It takes years of planning and implementation of those plans to ensure that a positive brand image is created both for the consumers as well as the employees. MICE events can bolster the image of any company and create that valuable right image that is so important for the big business houses. Moreover, it also sends the right signals to the stakeholders of the company.
These events are a beneficial mode of communication between the identities of the company and its valued clients. As a result of this, the brand value of the enterprise gets a significant boost. Frequent meetings and covenants with the stake holders and the clients in the form of MICE events builds the trust and helps to maintain a healthy relationship among all the parties involved in the company. The destination is chosen for such events also plays a part in improving the image of the brand. It sets the enterprise apart from its competitors.


One of the biggest reasons why MICE events have gained so much popularity in businesses all over the world is that it keeps the employees happy and satisfied. Over the years there have been many techniques which have been used by the employers to boost the performance of the employees. Incentives in many forms have come and gone. However, incentives in the shape of MICE events have proven to be a greater success than most others. The meetings conducted in luxurious locations can make work seem a lot less stressful, as a result, the employees remain happier even when they are working.


The recent trend has been such that there are cases where employees are sent to a location with the aim of nothing but to have fun. It is the incentive part of the MICE umbrella. In such cases, if an employee can reach the performance targets set then they get a vacation at the companies cost. Outstanding performance is also rewarded in similar ways. It has shown that the employees are not only more motivated than ever before to improve their performance or to reach the target but also to maintain a very healthy atmosphere at the work place.

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