Importance of technology in MICE travel

Importance of technology in MICE travel

Every corporation operates with the aim of providing efficient services, establishing a position for itself in the field and making steady financial gains. In order to continuously grow their business and expand their connections on an international level, these aspiring corporations often rely on the tool of MICE.


Most companies offer rewards to their employees/Distributor-dealer network for meeting certain pre-established standards. These include monetary bonuses, certain benefits or tourism trips. In recent years, the Incentives travel industry has seen steady growth in Asian countries, while it has been a norm in the USA and Europe. However, while incentive travel might be an exciting prospective for any delegate, there are a variety of challenges which can make these trips a tough experience.


Travelling to a foreign country requires extensive planning and having to cope with the specific whereabouts of the must-see spots in the city. One must also adapt to foreign food, travel, language and common norms, which can often lead to a feeling of being lost and even lead to a trip of lost opportunities.


The very primary issue a traveller will face at the beginning is that of documentation. There is a need to ensure the validity of documents such as passport and visa, the visa application process being a tedious procedure. Then follows the hassle of having to look after all these documents for the entire duration of the trip, with flight tickets and forex cards also adding to the complication. It is always a sensible decision to have a backup of all the important documents, a scanned copy can be very helpful in case the original is lost.


In incentive travel, the funding parent company often plans the basic itinerary for the delegate. This includes benefits such as hotel reservations, tour packages, and activities such as dinners, local tours, and Gala Dinners as well. Having to carry around the outlined itinerary is a task, while the process of relying on emails is severely outdated. There is a need to have access to information such as best modes of local travelling, hotel contact information, tourism agenda and reservation documents, which makes the idea of travelling light and worry-free an impossible task.


Finally arrives the issue of having to stay socially connected. In today’s tech oriented society, everyone feels the need to constantly stay updated on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. These social media platforms have become a part of every person’s daily routine. When on travel, the urge to constantly keep their loved ones updated about where they go, what they do and how they enjoy the experience, as well as staying updated about them. Juggling between several platforms often results in a trip experience wasted away broadcasting and posting, and not actually soaking in the holiday feeling.


While incentive travels can be wholesome and exciting, these issues can often turn a fun and adventurous getaway into a trip to forget. There is a need to simplify travel experiences by going digital, combining documentation, planning and networking into one simple and streamlined platform. This is where technology steps in, offering a platform which can do it all, i.e.: Foxtrot. Incentive travel has finally found the perfect partner to do it all.

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