The Changing Trends of the MICE Industry

The Changing Trends of the MICE Industry

The modern discoveries of the tech industry continue to percolate various sectors such as medical, finance and travel. The MICE industry too has seen a quick shift in this area, adapting hastily to various modern trends and techniques. This allows for a MICE experience which continues to evolve and improve consistently. Without further ado, let us go through some of these trends:

  1. Social Media

The field of social media is one which now encompasses every part of our society. It has become an essential element of our private and professional life. The MICE industry too has adapted it to provide an experience which is constantly connected and wides-spanning. Social media features such as live feeds, tweets and polls offer an opportunity for an event which is online and connected in real-time. Attendees of the event can stay in touch with each other, get involved in online discussions and FAQs, and get real time updates about the event programmes as well. Social Media also acts as a vital tool for the organizers, allowing for data collection and instant feedback.


  1. Personal Experiences

The traditional method of collecting a plethora of people in corporate rooms and making them listen to lengthy speeches is gradually being replaced by a more personal experience. Modern day MICE events allow for a more creatively collaborative experience by making use of recreational rooms, experience zones and sensory lounges, thereby allowing for a fluid exchange of ideas as well. Technology has played a crucial part in this change, allowing for a more tailor-made experience than was previously possible.


  1. Pre/Post Connections

Another benefit which has come across due to the introduction of social media services is the expanded communication between attendees. Social Media, along with the advent of smart event apps in India and overseas, allows attendees to come together before the limited timeline of the event, facilitating a more casual exchange of ideas and lengthier discussions. This allows for a MICE event which is no longer limited by event schedules and speaker routines – it has the potential to change the functioning style of the MICE industry altogether.


  1. Virtual Elements

Technologies such as virtual assistants, virtual reality and augmented reality have begun to percolate the MICE industry. Virtual reality continues to evolve and is poised to become a part of our day-to-day lives. We have seen it being used during events as well. Augmented reality is being used to simulate a live experience for potential attendees around the globe by making use of devices such as drones and 360⁰ cameras. Virtual Assistants and mobile apps are also being used to provide registration booths and event information such as schedules and agendas.


  1. Meeting Spaces

Organizers are always trying to go against the norm and coming up with more innovative ways to make MICE events exciting. This desire has seen a shift to the usage of non-traditional event spaces. There has also been a rise in pop-up events which allows for an element of surprise for attendees. Foxtrot, an innovative app-based solution addressing the expanse of the digital media for the MICE industry, allows for events to be set up, organized, tracked and analysed quickly and with ease.

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