The Complexities Associated with MICE Events

The Complexities Associated with MICE Events

In today’s modern industries, corporations in all fields must rely on a variety of techniques to consistently boost networking and team building. One such modern platform is that of MICE events, which refers to the combination of Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions. This umbrella includes events such as financial seminars, group employee trips and trade shows.

MICE events enable a company to expand the current customer base by reaching out to potential markets and analyse emerging trends, for this very reason companies in fields such as IT, FMCG and Finance have embraced the idea of corporate trade events and international conferences.

However, there are several complexities which occur throughout the planning and co-ordinating process of MICE events. These can hinder the true potential of the event and often result in a poor experience for the attendants. Some of these complexities are as follows:


  1. Documentation:

Perhaps the biggest issue which is associated with the planning process of MICE events is documentation. The organisers are required to systematically collect details about the visitors and organisations which will be a part of the process. This means having to handle several legal documents such as passport, visa and other document scans.


  1. Communication:

“Communication is key”, is not just a phrase, it’s essentially the thought process which can make or break any corporate event. Communication must exist both internally and externally. The attendants from a specific field or company must be able to communicate with ease, additionally, the organisers must also be available to answer any queries or grievances an individual may have instantaneously. A streamline method of communication can help to create the ideal event.


  1. Coordination:

During the on-days, the organising staff must communicate with all the attendants and ensure that they are well informed about the timings of the programmes which will take place during the day, as well the speakers and location of each programme. Reaching out to every person individually can turn out to be a sour experience for both parties, while outdated methods such as emails often tend to cause more confusion than is necessary.


  1. Registration/Logging:

When attending a MICE event, it is often a standard procedure for all visitors to check-in at the entrance. While this may sound easy, it requires the organisers to prepare a detailed list of all visitors and their respective companies beforehand. Despite all the efforts and hours which are put in by the organisers, the end result is often chaotic and frustrating one.


MICE events provide a platform for individuals from various sectors and companies to come together under one roof, these events can facilitate knowledge sharing, exchange of ideas, and exposure to new advancements on an international basis. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the outdated methods which plague the industry and its various levels.


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